Mill Valley Lacrosse Club


  1. What does each player need?
    1. Equipment: Stick, Helmet, Mouth Guard, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Protective Cup, Cleats. You can find this equipment both online and in local sports equipment stores.  Local stores like Dick's or KC Lacrosse Shop, are examples
    2. US Lacrosse Membership: MVLA and LAKC require active US Lacrosse memberships for all players. Visit US Lacrosse for governing body guidelines and membership information:
  2.  When is the Spring season?
    1. For both HS and Youth, spring season games and practices are during March-May
    2. HS typically will also have winter practices during Dec-Feb depending on indoor field availability
  3. How can I make sure I get communication about games and practices?
    1. We use TeamSnap. Parents and Players need to have an active profile on TeamSnap and be assigned to their team roster. You should have received an email invitation for TeamSnap.  If you need the invitation to be re-sent to you, please contact [email protected] for assistance.
  4. When are practices?
    1. Outdoor practices will normally begin during the first week of March
    2. Indoor practices over winter months, if applicable, will be announced as needed to the relevant teams
    3. Normal practice frequency
      1.  HS practices are 5x/week, Mon-Fri in evenings
      2. Youth team practices are 2x/week in evenings, with specific days to be announced each season after field rental arrangement have been finalized.
  5. When are game schedules available?
    1. HS game schedules are normally available in mid to late February once released by LAKC
    2. Youth game schedules are normally available in early March once released by LAKC (now merged with the former KCYLL)
  6. How can I help?
    1. As parents, support your kids and their coaches with positive and encouraging attitudes!
    2. Invite friends and neighbors to play lacrosse. It's a fun and growing sport, but we needs to your help to grow awareness.
    3. Like/Share club information on social media to help increase our local visibility.
    4. Game Day: We always need help with the scoring table and with field setup & tear down. Jump in and help at your kids' games!
    5. Club Admin: We are always in need of parents and volunteers to help run the administrative side of the club! Please refer to the Contact page and reach out to us.